Multico is a purely Mexican located in the heart of the country, placed Pénjamo, Guanajuato. Multico company born in 1989. We development and manufacture electromechanical equipment as fuses cutouts and silicone rubber insulators. We also offer the bronze foundry and the ductile iron foundry. Multico is one of leading suppliers in the national market, nevertheless we are able to attend the needs of any customer either Mexican or foreign.


Manufacturing and commercializing electromechanical equipments, satisfying the electrical construction industry needs. Maintaining a competitive price and fulfilling the national and international quality standards.


Setting ourselves as the leading manufacturer and dealer, fulfilling the market demands and needs.


All of our objectives and efforts are oriented towards our client base, which are the real driving force behind all activities of our company. meet and exceed their expectations, offering a professional service coupled with a friendly and respectful treatment and so, in turn, sworn in as the market leading company working on improvement, innovation and new product development.


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ISO 9001:2015

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  • Responsibility: The vocation to what is done to make it as perfect as possible. respond to our commitment in time and committed.
  • Respect: Take an attitude of understanding and acceptance of one's rights and others.
  • Quality:Execute our work as best as possible to meet the needs of our customers..
  • Competitiveness: Always seek to optimize operating costs to constantly update our technological tools and the training of our staff..
  • Progress: Reach personal and company goals to improve professional and personal quality of life of employees and shareholders. .


We commit ourselves to manufacture and commercialize electromechanical products accomplishing the established quality standards, in order to comply this we will involve the personnel in the quality management systemand in the process efficiency improvement; hoppping to exceed customer's expectations and promoting the technical-professional development of all the personnel.